Social Media Love…

Remember that time I took a break from social media? I had big plans for this new launch of content, finding my voice, being more productive, and actually being social with friends. Well I learned a few things…

1- I’m really blessed to have many of my followers because of an awesome brand and channel like @trxtraining @optimumnutrition @lululemonsf (just to name a few). They spend a lot of time and energy producing the content and I’m fortunate enough to be a voice for them.

2- I like to share a lot of things but I am passionate about being a parent, a spouse, a friend, and a coach. I’m not the best at any one of these things, but you know what? I know how to be pretty good at them and I can only hope that my posts land with some of you some of the time 😁 I’m human and chances are I am dealing with some of the same things you might be dealing with so why don’t we work on getting better together?

3- If you’re like me, that new “phone usage” indicator drove me nuts!!! I want to use my phone to be productive not pass the time. I might as well be smoking! In one month I read 3 books, ran a bunch of miles, slept a whole bunch, made a few dinners, worked a heap of hours, and felt awesome! My point is, it was really nice to open a book, read for fun or education instead of pick up my phone and either spend 30 minutes trying to find the perfect photo and inspirational quote, or just scroll until I realized it had been 35 minutes and I should have been in bed 🤦🏽‍♂️

4- Last but not least I realized I have some close friends that I’m really interested in their life and what’s happening in their world. I want to hear their wins and losses not just what they choose to share on a post. The same goes for my family. When I am present we can have more fun. We can create memories that we will remember forever vs moments we have to force to fit within a few characters.

I’m not bashing social media because it’s an amazing platform that has given me and millions of people a platform to share, connect, learn, and laugh. I’m just giving the real influencers a high five because holy cow it’s a lot more than just posting a photo, a video, and a quote. It’s consistency, it’s persistence, it’s fine tuning your craft and keeping up with the trends to stay relevant and interesting. Most importantly it’s work!

So now that the break is over here’s the big news… I got nothing exciting to share! 😂 I’m going to keep it simple. Actually I’m going to work on doing simple better. I’m going to continue to grind and excel in my career and keep my side hustle moving. I’m going to have all the fun with my family and friends and post a few things here and there.

If you want to turn on notifications for my posts that’d be super awesome. Any-who I’d love for you to check in from time to time and if not, that’s ok too!