What’s Stopping You???

Have I told you how much I love food?!?! Well I do. Not in the I want to be a gourmet chef one day, but the I love the taste of delicious food. Fun fact, it’s not always delicious… It just shouldn’t be bad. I guess you can say I’m one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have an allergy or response to nuts, gluten, shellfish, or any of those things so the window of opportunity is WIDE open. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed up my “diet” to try the latest and greatest to use in sport, professional, personal, or just research. (My poor mother in law is always wrecked on what to make because we aren’t sure what Miguel is or not eating right now… Love you mom!)  Some have been more successful than others and the over all benefit was learning something new about how my body responded to a new series of meals.
Yes I am a fitness professional. I coach people into becoming stronger humans (there’s more to it, but ultimately that’s it). I’m not a professional nutritionist, I have the same sources of information you do, and I bet i struggle with a lot of the same things you too… Not enough time to prepare, not getting enough sleep, finding time to workout, getting motivated to eat the food, wanting to say F-it and just eat the pint of ice cream, cookies, brownies, chips, etc..
I’m human. I’m a parent. I’m a spouse. I’m an employee. I’m side hustling. I’m busy. I’m sure you can check a lot of these same boxes. What makes my progress different from YOUR progress. What’s the difference between my consistency and yours? I’ve heard from a couple of you that “It’s your job to look the way you do”. Fair point, but does that make it any easier? Oh Hell Naw!
I’m going to side track for a second and ask you something. When you are thinking about making a change or setting goals, are you making this BIG goals that end up stressing you our or worse de-motivating you because they are so difficult you give up. Or do you set small and manageable, but slightly challenging goals that you can chip away and get excited about some of your small victories? Heres the thing. I don’t disagree with either one because i’ve done both. Those big scary unmanageable goals that i’ve given up on time and time again stayed in the back of my head. While I may have said I can’t, it’s too tough, I don’t have time, Not right now. I kept coming back to them and learned there has to be a different way. I’ve learned that I, ME, MIGUEL… Has to keep that shit super simple. I have to get excited about it. I have to write about it, talk about it, share it with everyone…. So you can call me on my crap when i’m not following through. You know what, That’s scary! I’m scared to tell you what I struggle with, what I want to change, and all the work I have to do to get there. But now you know, that I know, that YOU are scared or nervous or anxious too… ITS OK! Nail your goal then set another one. Fail at your goal, learn from it, dust yourself off, and try that shit again until you fail BETTER or even get it!
Now (here’s me climbing out of the rabbit hole…) this post was meant to talk about food… I have never been good at following directions when people say YOU NEED TO (My response is usually, You need to kiss my a$$)…. I will get excited about the question, would you try… When you tell me I need to do something I get defensive. When you ask my opinion I want to be involved. So My last 2 “meal trends” have both been positioned as “why not” opportunities. Both came with zero stress and complete gain. My last post about the Keto/(low carb highish fat) diet was awesome and challenging and I’ll write more about that another time. The Plant Based approach seemed TERRIFYING  on paper, but when asked why not give it a try it lightened the load, and ironically turns out to be super fun!
It’s been super fun eating “mostly plant based” because my body has responded really well to it. I have a couple cons about it, but honestly they don’t out weight the pros so I am continuing to keep the ball rolling.
Now that I go back and read this post I’m realizing that it has little to do with what foods are best. Fun fact… I don’t know! I can only really tell you what works for me. Another fun fact… my body is different from your’s and has limitations, restrictions, and responses that your’s does not.
What I’m absolutely sure about though is that you have to try. Really Really try. You might gain weight, you might lose weight, You might have funky responses, you might sleep better, you might recover better, you might, you might, you might…. But you WON’T if you don’t take it easy on yourself and give it a try.
I want you to know that you can… If you have questions, let’s find the answers. If you want to talk about it, I’m all ears. If you scared, excited, embarrassed, anxious, stressed, stoked, or insert any other emotion that’s ok and awesome. We’ve all been there. Let’s collect some small wins together and fill our bucket of accomplished goals!