TRX Thursdays! 8/9/18

Hey gang! I’m going to try and start posting 2 videos per week. Thursdays will feature a TRX exercise or series of movements for you to try on your own or with your clients…

Check out the clip below. This series can be as tough as you make it. I suggest starting off with 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for new folks. If you want to start adjusting the time start by taking 5 seconds off the rest, then add 5 seconds to the work. (20/15, 25/15, 25/10, 30/10 or 15 or 20).

Here’s my #thursday @trxtraining #challenge 💪🏽 Set a timer for 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds rest at 8 rounds. Start from a plank and perform #TRX reverse crunches. Rest for ten seconds OR lower yourself down to a forearm plank and transition to a side plank. Hold the plank or perform a pike with rotation. Rest after 20s or transition back to your stomach for another round of reverse crunches on your elbows or hands. If you need the break, Take The Break!! 💪🏽 #stayfitsquad #grind #TRXThursday #StayFitSon