How Might I Change My Diet…

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Over the last few weeks I recently changed my diet and have seen some pretty awesome changes. By no means was I overweight but I had a few pounds that I didn’t need to carry around. I was asked by a client of the TRX Training Center if I would try a “Keto diet”. Instantly I thought, no way! No carbs, high fat… I can’t live like that. Then I took a step back to do some reading. I learned a bit about what it is and what it does…. Well, I guess you can say I can see what all the talk is about. I’ve since been asked by several friends and clients about what I did and what they should do. I figured, instead of emailing people over and over again, I should take advantage of my site and put it out there! Welp, this is my first post so I hope you enjoy! You feedback will only help me get better 🙂

Let me start my saying everything I’m going to say is what I have done and what works for me…. I am not endorsed by any of the products i’m going to talk about. I am just a fan and have been enjoying the results. On June 25th I started a “diet” which consisted of eating VERY low carbs, moderate protein, and HIGH fat. My initial response was there is NO way… my body loves carbs and I can’t live without them! Then they started to talk about Ketosis, fasting, energy, and I said, eh I’ll give it a try. So here’s some information I learned about Ketosis:

“In short, ketosis is the process where the body burns ketone bodies for energy. With a regular type, the body’s primary source of energy is glucose, which comes from eating carbohydrates like bread, sugars, grains, fruit, or beans and legumes.

The carbohydrates from these foods are either used as glucose by the body immediately or stored as glycogen to be used later. However, if the body has a low supply of glucose, it must turn to something else for fuel. In the case of ketosis, that’s fat.

Now, I did not use Perfect Keto to start my journey, but I have had their products and I do think they taste delicious! “ (Thanks Perfect Keto)

I used Pruvit KETO//OS® MAX Maui Punch | Prüvit Products Watch this video, it’s pretty cheesy, and I am not a KETO evangelist, but this is a great simple explanation of what the goal is. I started taking Pruvit products for the first 8 days of my diet. Now, I was also traveling for a trade show so I had NO opportunity to prepare my food.

On the first day (Still in San Francisco) I had my keto/OS in the am then tried to wait until noon to eat, but I caved by 10 :-). I had a pretty low carb lunch and dinner.

The next day I had another pack and by noon I wasn’t starving, but I was ready to eat. I was still a little skeptical on the HIGH fat but I added more than normal.

Wednesday was the travel day for the trade show so keto/os in the am, flight, travel and I don’t think I ate until 2pm and it was just a protein shake with some almonds… Later that night I had a high fat dinner (lamb, beef, steak, Ahi Tuna, avocado, and olive oils). I was shocked at how much I ate, but even more shocked when I woke up in the morning.

A friend asked me to go for a run (Thank You Amanda!!!). After 30 minutes we split up, and I kept running…. That never happens. I run to get the run over with not keep going lol. Next, I get back to the hotel and have enough energy to knock out another 40 minutes of training in the hotel gym. Guys, a run is usually enough for me but to now have trained for 2 hours I was blown away. The final shock was I didn’t eat for 3 hours after that…  Yea I was in blown away, but also sold on the fact that my body was starting to use fat as fuel.

I’m not going to go into what I ate but I promise I was keeping the carbs mostly from veggies. Fats from foods, and the toughest part was keeping the protein low… Then I learned about upping the EVOO, butter, and other things like nuts.

Now, I am not a professional nutritionist, but If I have spent a lot of time over the years understanding what works for my body and what doesn’t.

I read a great book from ancient nutrition and this was a very simple introduction to eating a low carb diet, mixed with some intermittent fasting. Take a look at this link – Keto360 blue print

Read the article and at the bottom you will have several pdfs to download. Read the 360 blueprint. I’m not saying you have to buy their products, but if you’re looking for something simple it’s laid out for you in a step by step layout. Check out the whole 360 Blueprint HERE I want to give love to the ancient nutrition crew because they gave me lots of info at the trade show I was attending…

Now, If your asking for my advice and if it were me… I would follow the 360 blueprint meal plan/guide for 30 days… Over the first 7-10 days I would start my day with a Pruvit drink. Then eat breakfast a few hours later (or whenever you need to). After the 7-10 days switch to a “keto coffee”.  Remember, that is what I would do.  I suggest reading up on each one of the brands, your options, and thinking about your goals.  Is it a number, is it a feeling, whatever your goal is with nutrition make sure the ultimate goal is to make you happy not stressed 🙂

Just remember the important thing is consistency… Plan your day, your meals, your workouts….

If you have questions about these I will answer them the best I can 🙂 Last but not least I want to share MY before and after…  I did not really change my training. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was training a bit less because of time constraints…

That’s all for now… Stay Fit Son!